Future Projects
Video Conference

The Meteorology dept. aims to deploy a state-of-the-art Immersive Telepresence solution (referred to as ITP) to address the following business requirements:

  1. The Meteorology department is planning to have this system on 4 main locations: ABUHAMOUR, OLD AIRPORT, NEW AIRPORT and ADMIN office.
  2. This Immersive Real-Presence Video Conferencing solution enables a better user experience & effective collaboration.
  3. Daily meetings between weather forecasters across all the CAA locations.
  4. During these meetings they will share the Meteorology Maps/details/diagrams/documents etc. These meetings are considered crucial and very confidential
  5. Major shared contents are SYNERGIE, MESSIR system, and other forecasting systems. Also any video live feeds can be shared through the same infrastructure.
  6. CAA might have to interact with the external bodies (govt. /private), vendors & principals over video conferencing (IP/ ISDN). Therefore, the solution must enable connectivity to external parties as over LAN/WAN, the Internet as well as ISDN networks.
  7. These meetings will be recorded. Optionally, recordings can be edited & published on a content management portal to be viewed by users on the Internet
  8. The Meteorology department is considering mobility, by enabling attendees to join the telepresence conferences from mobile devices such as PC/MAC and iOS/Android phones/tablets … etc. on the go. .
  9. The Meteorology department is considering VSAT connectivity as a backup.
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