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Northwesterly windy conditions expected to continue affecting the country

April 18

Weather charts indicate the continuation of Northwesterly windy conditions. Wind speed expected to range tomorrow (Wednesday 19-04-2017) between 15-25/30 knots and wave height between 6-8 Ft. Weather charts show stronger northwesterly windy conditions over all areas on Thursday and Friday,

ranging between 20-30/38 knots and wave height between 8 to 10 Ft reaching 13 Ft in some areas. Qatar Meteorology Department would like to draw your attention that visibility may drop to 2 km or less in some areas due to blowing dust. All warnings expected to be cancelled on Saturday evening 22/04/2017. Regarding temperature, it's expected to be around average during this period. Therefore, Qatar Meteorology Department urges all to be cautious and to avoid going to sea during this period.

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